Be your own change-maker.

I strongly believe that, wherever possible, life can and should be lived to its fullest potential. Many of us, however, settle for halfhearted compromises, for lives or situations that are far from fulfilling. Some of us carry the secret desire to write a book, others want to be better rewarded for the work they do; others want the courage to change career completely. Many wish to have more happiness in personal relationships. Some want to rid themselves of physical symptoms like lower back pains or headaches. Whatever the situation, I work with clients to help them attain a greater level of attention to their body and their life. In doing so, they become more able to take control of every aspect of their life.

Over the past fifteen years I’ve worked with hundreds of people in various countries. I’ve witnessed clients finally “write that book”, quite literally. Many have gained more strength and energy through becoming more aware of how they breathe, hold themselves, or act in different situations. Some clients gave up the jobs that bored them stiff in order to try something new, others excelled at their old work and got the recognition they deserved. I have also seen many of my clients recover from different physical conditions, enabling themselves to be more active and engaged in areas of life that were important to their happiness.

Sharing in these changes with the people I work with is one of the most beautiful aspects of my work.

-Rivka Halbershtadt

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