What People Say

Victoria Chemko

“Rivka is incredible. As I said during the retreat, her work is something that you have to experience and it is mind blowing. Book a session and try it for yourself!”

Victoria Chemko
Principal & Digital Nomad, Umami Marketing

“Rivka has the unique talent of directly recognizing where you have room to improve in order to be more at peace with yourself and your surrounding. She has a perfect balance of empathy and immediacy and teaches through the body rather than the mind, whereby you learn to actually feel and be aware of your body. After I had allowed myself to let my head go and fully take part in her practice, I had a sense of calmness that I had never experienced in my life before. I was naturally aware of my surroundings and felt in love. Not with anything or anybody in particular, but with everything. I became more focused and thus more productive and structured. If you think about it, it’s so simple. It just takes the right guidance.”

Dennis Sprute
Sales Manager

Petra Volpe

“Even though I´m successfully doing my absolute dream job I was suffering from a lot of stress and anxieties, I was not well (sinusitis, tensions everywhere, stomach ache, digestive problems, panic attacks, insomnia, hypochondria, depressive phases… etc!). And on a creative level I did not feel as free, inspired, playful, open, confident as I would have wished for. Working with Rivka Halberstadt had the very quick effect that most of my physical symptoms stopped completely. Of course some of my “old friends” reoccur form time to time but I have learned how to deal with them differently – I approach them with more curiosity and less drama. Feeling better in my body helped me to be more joyfull, present and awake in my work – it helped me to be a better director in a team, a more creative and free minded writer and to find my voice as an artist.”

Petra Volpe

“Rivka is a superb practitioner. After suffering years of discomfort with my shoulder a few weeks of her treatment saw return of full movement and the total eradication of any pain. Rivka’s approach is sensitive and reassuring. At every stage of the process she’ll ensure that her patients are confident in their recovery and positively focused on physical and emotional improvement. I highly recommend her.”

Andy Richards

Andy - Testimonials
Flavio Laus

“In recent years I had a growing tendency to become tense, and to dwell in my thoughts for a long time. I just thought this was a normal consequence of life becoming more “complicated”.
Right from the start, Rivka helped to show me how certain beliefs I had, and reactions to fear, were reflected in my body on a daily basis. She has an unbelievable talent to immediately pinpoint the mental and physical aspects that need particular attention. In each session, she works with me to bring me back to my calmer and happier self. I am deeply thankful!”

Flavio Laus
Mechanical Engineer

“”Rivka talks to the things that you’ve always wanted to do or get resolved. She’s a very insightful and intuitive person and session with her is a MUST!””

Graeme Coll
Brand & Customer Experience Strategist


“Before starting the workshop and one-on-one sessions with Rivka, my brain was like a radio where the dial is continuously searching for music stations – which means there was a lot of white noise and it was very difficult for me to concentrate. Working with Rivka has allowed me to be more focused, more present and able to reach mental silence. As a consequence I’m more productive, more efficient and I’m able to enjoy what I am doing!”

Marisa Toldo
Architect & Project Manager

Rivka’s teachings gave me deep insight into how I listen to my body. I’ve acquired tools, through her methods, that help me to deal with pain, stress and tiredness. Even though my development is still ongoing, I have achieved a level of joy and a balance in my life I wouldn’t have found without her guidance.

James Mckinnon

“I took part in both one-on-one sessions and workshops with Rivka Halbershtadt and they are a terrific way to get-in-touch with your body and mind and to see the connection between the two. In the workshop Rivka also works individually with each person and I was amazed to learn that I had lost a lot of body-awareness – except for an aching back – and I’m not the only one! I’m surrounded by people with backache!
The workshop helped me a) be more focused at work and in life, b) focus my energy better – even if things continue to get more complex, and c) lose the back pain. Plus I got more flexible – both in my mind and movements. The workshop situation helps you to see yourself and others develop, while not being the center of attention all the time.
After a few one-on-one sessions with Rivka the backache was gone. In addition to the techniques of touch she used to work on my back, the discussion and exchange of perspectives really helped me to improve my ways which meant that I stayed ahead of the pain.
I learned there’s more to the blocking of my flexibility than just un-stretched muscles – our minds are busy with a lot of things that suck our energy and stop us in achieving our goals.
I highly recommend Rivka’s coaching sessions.”

Oliver Oest
Managing Partner (Advertising Agency)

“Rivka helped me realize certain needs, feelings, desires, which were always there, but had become blurry over time. These are things that essentially we all have, but sometimes, for whatever reason, we are unable to fully express. Life is simple and the sessions with Rivka has a tremendous effect in helping you understand that.”

Philipp Degen
CEO phonc.de


“Rivka is wonderful at reading people and understanding really quickly what their problems and fears are. From our first session, I was able to open up and trust her. The meetings with her helped me understand my body better, overcome physical pain and empty my head from the stress that had accumulated over a long time. Through the sessions with Rivka, I managed to relax entirely and improve my sleeping patterns, and also managed to understand better what motivates me in life and what I am looking for in my career. She has a great gift in helping others.”

Anne Florea
Senior User Researcher, Nokia

“Rivka is absolutely amazing. This is an offer-session not to be missed!”

Jenny Plant
Director, Red Glue Ltd


“I loved my session with Rivka. She’s so intuitive and so good at what she does. A tremendous help!”

Carolina Albano
Engineering consultant